Your support will go to enhancing technology and training in our medical facilities and provide quality training and resources to our educational institutions.

Dear Friends,

The Dominican Health and Education Initiative (DAHEI) would like to convey our support and heartfelt concern for your welfare and that of your families and businesses during this unprecedented period. We are cognizant of the undue stress and constraints that our communities are experiencing during this period of uncertainty. This pandemic is imposing painful human, social, and economic burdens however, we urge you to remain vigilant and positive.

You are probably all aware of the statistics indicating the increased death rates in Blacks and Latinos from COVID-19. As scary as the numbers are, keep in mind that not everyone who contracts the virus gets sick, and of those who get sick, many do recover. What we should take out of the data is the fact that we need to be more proactive. This is a time for us to work together, support each other, look out for each other, especially our elderly populations and those who may be suffering from preexisting chronic conditions. Take care of your bodies and boost your immune systems by eating healthy, getting as much sleep as possible and trying to do some light exercises a couple times a week. Unfortunately, some of us do not have the luxury of working from home and staying clear of the virus. Many are out there working on the frontlines, devoting their time and sacrificing their own health to care for others. Let’s pray for their safety and the safety of their families.

We extend our gratitude and appreciation to you for your continued support and patronization of DAHEI. Your contributions to our efforts have enabled us to provide much needed assistance to health and educational initiatives in our Caribbean community. As a health and education-focused organization, we are looking to identify gaps and ways to be helpful in providing accurate information and support for our partners and the broader community. We want to continue our pledge of commitment and dedication to the DAHEI’s mission. We would appreciate your feedback and we ask that you continue to submit any recommendations for health or education related projects that our organization may be able to undertake by contacting us through this website.


American Medical Association (AMA) COVID-19 Update


Maintain a Positive Attitude and a Smile, for we will conquer the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Caribbean Artists come together to spread joy and remind us that We Got This’ – Together we are one Caribbean and when we work together we can defeat anything, even COVID-19

Our Mission

We believe that every person has the right to live a healthy and productive life. Everyone deserves quality care and an education. We also work to address issues of social inequity and poverty in underdeveloped communities.

The vision of DAHEI is to improve the value of life in Dominica by enhancing technology and training in our medical facilities and provide quality training and resources to our educational institutions.

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