Current Project: Mobile X-Ray Bus

We are looking at an innovative way to improve breast cancer screening by bringing care to underserved communities with limited access to the main hospitals.

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The Dominica Health and Education Initiative is dedicated to improving medical care in Dominica through implementation of novel technology platforms and training programs that could greatly improve treatment outcomes for families and individuals.

There is an urgent need on the island for medical intervention, in particular, medical equipment and supplies.  We invite our fellow Dominicans all around the world to join us in acquiring life- saving medical equipment that will enable early screening and diagnosis of disease and deliver quality treatment to improve overall health of patients.

Medical Supplies Project Completed!

We are honored to have started distribution of some of the medical supplies donated to the Health Center in Dominica.

Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors who have made this day possible.

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We invite our friends and supporters from all around the world to join us in our mission to bring quality health services to individuals and families in need and provide quality training and educational resources to ensure our children get the best education for future success.