The Dominican Health and Education Initiative

is dedicated to improving medical care through implementation of novel technology platforms and training programs that could greatly improve treatment outcomes for individuals and families.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to acquire life saving medical equipment that will enable healthcare providers to accurately diagnose ailments and deliver quality treatment to improve overall health of their patients.


This COVID pandemic has touched all our lives, with many of our Caribbean sisters and brothers living in the USA being hit hard.
We must do something.
Now, more than ever, we must do all we can to stay well. To nurture our bodies, minds and spirit and to prioritize our health like never before.
We must take ownership of our health, take charge of our lives and find new ways of living and even thriving.
The Dominican a Health and Education Initiative is taking a leading role in hosting this virtual webinar – COPING WITH COVID, with three of our very own Caribbean experts sharing facts, resources and important tips for thriving during this difficult period.
We must do all we can to educate , empower and encourage ourselves and find a way to STAND UP TO COVID.


Virtual COVID19 PaneL

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Health Supplies

DAHEI donates health supplies to Roseau Health Centre

Join This Initiative

There is an urgent need on the island for medical intervention, in particular, medical equipment and supplies.  We invite our fellow Dominicans all around the world to join us in acquiring life saving medical devices that will enable healthcare providers to accurately diagnose ailments and deliver quality treatment to improve overall health of their patients.

Mobile Mammogram

Oncology Project  – Mammogram Unit 

The purpose of this project is to bring breast cancer screening into the villages of Dominica to the people – meeting them where they are. In a study which was reported in the June 2, 2018 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association Oncology, Dominica was ranked 3rd in cancer deaths in the world, behind Mongolia and Zimbabwe. World-wide, among women, breast cancer is the commonest cancer and most common cause of death. While the rate is decreasing in ‘developed nations’, the rate is increasing in developing countries. Among the Caribbean islands, Dominica has emerged as having the highest rate of breast cancer.

Given these statistics, we are looking at an innovative way to enhance breast cancer screening by bringing care to underserved communities with limited access to the main hospitals. Currently, there is limited capacity for screening and diagnosis of breast cancer on the island. The mobile unit will be a coach, fitted with a mammogram machine and breast ultrasound, able to be driven to health clinics in villages. Patients can come to the unit to get screening close to home. We are working with Assured Imaging (, a reputable company in the US, building mobile medical units which are being successfully used for breast cancer screening in rural America.

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We invite our friends and supporters from all around the world to join us in our mission to bring quality health services to individuals and families in need and provide quality training and educational resources to ensure our children get the best education for future success

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