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We invite our friends and supporters from all around the world to join us in our mission to bring quality health services to individuals and families in need and provide quality training and educational resources to ensure our children get the best education for future success

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Members receive benefits:

  • Such as discounts to DAHEI events.
  • Receive a copy of DAHEI’s newsletter on initiatives, programs and events
  • Receive exclusive discounts offered by corporate and small business members.
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Additional benefits include:

  • Dedicated page on DAHEI’s website which highlights member’s information.
  • Contibute articles in DAHEI’s newsletter
  • Event listing on DAHEI’s web event calendar
  • Opportunity to partner with DAHEI on different programs and initiatives
  • Organization listed in DAHEI’s Member Directory (Small Business Members)


    Membership Criteria

    Membership Criteria for Our Island Health and Education Nonprofit:

    • Commitment to Our Mission: Prospective members should demonstrate a genuine commitment to advancing the health and education initiatives on our island.
    • Community Connection: Membership is open to Dominican diaspora or individuals with a connection to our community, through work, family, or a shared interest in contributing to the island’s progress.
    • Passion for Impact: We seek members driven to make a positive impact. Your enthusium is a vital characteristic we value.
    • Collaborative Spirit: Our organization thrives on collaboration and teamwork. Members should be eager to work harmoniously with fellow members, volunteers, and partners to achieve common objectives.
    • Diversity of Perspectives: We embrace diversity in all forms, including experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives.
    • Active Participation: Active participation is a cornerstone of our success. Members should be willing to contribute their time, skills, and resources towards our projects, events, and initiatives.
    • Advocacy and Outreach: Members are encouraged to act as ambassadors for our causes and spreading awareness of our impacts.

    By fulfilling these membership criteria, you’ll become an integral part of a dedicated community, actively working towards a brighter and more prosperous future for all. Together, we can make a lasting impact that resonates throughout generations on the island of Dominica and beyond.