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Your Sponsorship donation allows us to continue supporting high school students in need in Dominica and the Caribbean region. Your donation of $370 a year gives 1 child access to our High School Scholarship program for 1 Year. 100% of your donation goes into funding our programs.

“To be educated means, for me, to have a well-stocked mind.” – Derek Walcott ( St. Lucian poet and playwright )

Who Are We?

Over the past decade we have been dedicated to elevating the health and education capacity of our community. Through unwavering commitment and a passionate team of volunteers, we have embarked on a journey of transformation. Our initiatives have not only provided access to quality healthcare and education but have also fostered a sense of hope and empowerment. From conducting health seminars and training in underserved areas to funding scholarships for deserving students, we have seen lives change, dreams flourish, and communities thrive. With your support, we aim to continue this impactful work, making strides in healthcare and education that will leave a lasting legacy of progress for generations to come.

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Dominican Health and Education Initiative (DAHEI) is a charitable non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.Our mission is to elevate the health and education capacity on the island of Dominica and other Eastern Caribbean islands.

Join our efforts in making a positive impact on the next generation through our educational program initiatives.

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